Tratament comun în prețurile din Slovenia

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Codul penal al Republicii Slovenia

The tent are very spacious and comfortable. Amazing common area, especially the natural pool Camilla Italia Staying in a glamour tent was amazing.

Condiţiile de aplicare a măsurilor de siguranţă Articolul 70 1 Instanţa poate aplica una sau mai multe măsuri de siguranţă autorului unei infracţiuni, atunci când sunt îndeplinite condiţiile legale pentru aplicarea acestora. Interzicerea exercitării unei ocupaţii Articolul 71 1 Instanţa îi poate interzice făptuitorului să exercite o anumită profesie, activitate autonomă sau funcţie dacă, abuzând de ocupaţia, poziţia, activitatea sau funcţia sa, a săvârşit o infracţiune şi dacă instanţa are motive să creadă că exercitarea ulterioară a acestei ocupaţii ar fi periculoasă. Aceasta nu poate fi dispusă pe o perioadă de până la un an şi de cel mult cinci ani, începând de la data la care hotărârea a devenit definitivă, prin care perioada petrecută în închisoare sau într-o instituţie medicală pentru tratament şi detenţie nu va fi dedusă din durata acestei măsuri.

Not a lot of people were there, there is a lot of privacy. Each tent has a private jacuzzi with coverage for the rain that is just brilliant. Rachele Italia Charming Slovenia was absolutely incredible! We loved the property, the attention to detail, and the surroundings.


It was very relaxing, the staff was very attentive, and the food was incredible. We would highly recommend staying here!

tratament comun în prețurile din Slovenia

Daniel Canada From start to finish the experience of staying here was out of this world. From the incredible location, nestled in a valley with mountains all around, to the amazing attention to detail in everything at the property and the impeccable service offered by the staff.

Beds were soooo comfy, sleeping at the top of the tent and waking up to the pleasant sounds of the river flowing nearby.

tratament comun în prețurile din Slovenia

Breakfast was awesome, keep those croissants with apricot jam coming!! Ronald Marea Britanie Great set up with the pool and tents etc. Lovely and clean and clean towels every day if needed. The staff were very kind and helpful and always happy to help, bringing extra heaters and leaving a gift of biscuits when it was raining. They had bbq picnic for the guests one night after a few rainy days.

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We ate at the restaurant one night and the goulash stew was lovely. Great hot tub and was at constant temperature throughout our visit. Bathroom and shower great in the tent and good breakfast.

Rained for most of our3 night stay so outside bar area not open but the tent was always warm, dry and cosy. Catherine Relaxed atmosphere, beautifull surroundings. Lovely tent and nice staff.

Codul penal al Republicii Slovenia (KZ-1)

Great experience. Sophie Belgia Location, tents, cleanliness, friendliness of hosts the gardener is a treat, so are the girls who tour the tents for cleaning them every day.

tratament comun în prețurile din Slovenia

And the young woman at the reception with glasses, can't come up with her name right nowand the one who Our son celebrated his birthday during our stay and this did not go tratament comun în prețurile din Slovenia Christophe Belgia Very nice experience.

Service was excellent. The staff did everything they could to make you feel at home.

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The tents were very comfortable and we did experience some unique features as: private hot-tub under the starsoutdoor shower under the starsvery nice sauna with nice tea All special and relaxing. Only minor is the location not that good as a base for seeing Maribor, Ptuj, etc but if you are looking for hiking or cycling in the mountains, this is the place to be. All in all, highly recommendable! Christophe Belgia We enjoyed our stay at this lovely oasis like resort, the experience was one of a kind to sleep in a tent, but don't be fooled this is a luxury tent!

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The resort is very well taken care off, from the natural pool which was daily tended to, to the surroundings walkways and garden. The staff was extremely friendly and took very good care of us, the location is quiet and great, not on the main road, while also offering a great spot to start exploring the surroundings. A definitely must visit location!